Best Internet of Things IoT Platforms 2022

Content Amazon Web Services Platform for IoT Your On-Demand IoT Partner. Need help to start your Industry 4.0 Journey? GE Digital Handle any device from a single platform Microsoft Azure IoT Hub XS Cloud Native The solution also comes pre-integrated with Software AG Cloud and Quantela, a smart city automation and AI platform. IoT device […]

What is jQuery: An Intro for Beginners

It can easily handle cross-browser issues that we can face with JavaScript. Thus many developers use jQuery to avoid cross-browser compatibility issues. According to statistics, It is used by around 97% of all websites which use JavaScript. It is still there, but due to some requirements, some developers are switching to other preferences. One of […]

Enterprise resource planning Wikipedia

Content Benefits of an ERP systemfor your business Improve your Coding Skills with Practice It takes time to realize its full potential Drawbacks of ERP Software Development Employee Resources/Sitemaps Benefits of Implementing ERP Software What types of businesses that benefit the most from ERP software? The type and amount of data an ERP system allows […]

Blockchain Development: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Content Supply chain What is Hyperledger – An Industrial Approach to Blockchain Types of Blockchain Systems/Solutions Our Blockchain Application Development Process What is the best blockchain for smart contracts and why? Core blockchain developers Consensus Mechanism Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies currently secure their blockchain by requiring new entries to include proof of work. While Hashcash […]