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A while back, I created a webinar for accountants (and other professional services providers that work with businesses) on the topic of business structures and… To save business owners valuable time, CorpNet offers Business License Service Packages. We can identify the required licenses and permits, and we can prepare and file the application forms to receive the necessary licenses. In this article, we’re going to cover many of the considerations and the 13 steps involved in starting a tax preparation business from home.

The primary difference between the different types of tax practitioners is their representation rights before the IRS beyond the preparation of tax forms. Tax professionals either have Unlimited Representation Rights or Limited Representation Rights. Keeping up with tax law changes is imperative for both new and experienced preparers.

Federal Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)

If you want advice on your tax situation, many online software programs provide the option to upgrade to get live support that may include one-on-one assistance with a tax professional. The tax experts at Block Advisors will help you understand your small business taxes, starting with the small business tax preparation checklist for 2022. Unlike the C Corporation which pays taxes at the entity level, the Partnership and S Corporation pays no federal taxes.

Whether we like it or not, tax preparation is now more confusing than ever. The tax functions of middle market companies often face difficulties. Covering concepts that may be challenging or difficult to understand, these nine videos provide bite-sized learning moments that support the course instruction. The course has been revised and contains pointers you will appreciate as useful, practical advice to be applied in your daily work. Our materials concentrate on career advancement and profitability.


Estimated taxes are the payments businesses are required to make on a quarterly basis. For C corporations, estimated taxes must be paid if you expect to owe more than $500 in taxes. For all other business structures, you are required to pay taxes if it’s likely you’ll owe more than $500 on your individual tax return. Beyond business tax services, you’ll get access to a team of expert bookkeepers, accountants, and more. Our Bench Tax Advisors are licensed tax professionals that facilitate the preparation of your income tax return, review it with you and then get it filed with the IRS and your state.

Business Tax Preparation

You will gain access to our online tools that can track essential tax-related information like sales taxes collected, expenses, etc. Please note that you may not receive formal documentation for all of the deductible items or expenses mentioned above or for other special circumstances related to your filing status. In those cases, it’s important to still note down dates, amounts, and other pertinent information for your accountant to review. If necessary, our office can also provide you with a preliminary organizer to help get your paperwork in order prior to your appointment. We cover the tax support, prep, and filing from start to finish. Our year-round tax support means you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline again.

Purchase Business Insurance

Our experts help you with the fine details that come from years of tax experience in your industry. No matter your corporate structure, we will claim the right tax deductions to maximize your tax savings. That’s why your dedicated Tax Coordinator supports you through the entire process. This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as legal, financial, or accounting advice.

If tax prep seems overwhelming, do one thing now to get ready, such as organizing one file or opening a business checking account. Every step you take to improve organization and planning will pay you dividends in less time, frustration and expense at tax time. For very small businesses, payroll tax filing and payment obligations can be more significant than income taxes.

Depreciation schedules

If you have any questions about our individual income tax preparation services, we would love to connect with you. Tax preparation for your small business is time consuming and overwhelming, and unless you’re highly familiar with the tax code, you may be missing valuable deductions. Many small business owners prefer to work with a qualified CPA to make sure their return is accurate, on time, and they are receiving all the credits and deductions they qualify for. If you’re planning on working with a small business accountant in Raleigh for your taxes, we’re sharing what documents and information you need to share in order to get an accurate, error-free return.

Is QuickBooks a tax software?

Sales Tax Software for Small Business QuickBooks. Track income, send invoices, and more. Organize books with a live bookkeeper. Scale smarter with profitability insights.

Each member firm is responsible only for its own acts and omissions, and not those of any other party. Visit for more information regarding RSM US LLP and RSM International. If you need assistance with tax preparation for your annual tax appointment, contact Paro to be matched with a tax expert that best fits the needs and challenges of your business.

Tax Prep You Can Afford

If a preparer prepares less than ten returns, they are not required to e-file. If they have filed more than ten returns in a given year, they are required to e-file every single return they prepare. The IRS takes the sanctity of the e-file system very seriously, and it has become an area of increased scrutiny, mainly because this is a high-risk area for potential hacking and fraud.

Business Tax Preparation

Excellent recordkeeping is crucial in the event of a tax audit, during which the IRS examines your tax return information to ensure the reported data is correct. The best way to ensure your tax paperwork is organized is to keep excellent records all year. That way, after the end of the year, you’ll just have to gather the applicable tax documents that arrive in the mail or become available online.

How do you get a PTIN?

Most tax preparers prepare, file, or assist with general tax forms. Beyond these basic services, a tax preparer can also defend a taxpayer with the IRS. However, the extent of what a tax preparer can do is based on their credentials and whether they have representation rights.


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Enjoy peace of mind, from bookkeeping to tax filing, your business will be tax-ready all year long. Our expert CPAs and accountants provide weekly bookkeeping so you can make informed decisions and save on taxes. By employing our small business tax services, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of ever-changing tax laws or missing important due dates.

All-in-one money management

If you’re self-employed or own a business, we’ll keep you on track and ensure accurate books. Our professional bookkeeping services can help give you time back for your business. Our experts can help find the right level of payroll support you need — get employees paid on time, manage payroll taxes, and keep you compliant.

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