There’s no magic antidote, but experts say certain lifestyle choices can help. If you are an adult and active yet bored with work or mundane, tedious activities, push yourself to discover new adventures or make new friends. If your job represents a form of security but is painstakingly boring, explore new possibilities for employment even if you never fill out an application or get a drinking out of boredom job interview. Strong, positive energy coupled with the right attitude is important to infuse into your child a new productive program. If executed early and properly, boredom will have no opportunity to lead to dangerous experimentation with potentially addictive behaviors. I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab.


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This response to boredom can lead, in some cases, to a destructive path toward addiction. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are instrumental in quelling the devastation of the virus, and there is nothing more important than preventing more deaths. Almost a year into the UK’s pandemic, however, the government still can’t say for certain whether people will be able to mix with their loved ones outdoors by Easter. Time is mulching into a nebulous slime, with little but work to distinguish one day from the next (and for many, there’s not even that), and nothing concrete to look forward to in the near future.

Understand your triggers that led to drinking out of boredom

However, the variety of treatment options make it easier for individuals and families to focus on moderate consumption or complete abstinence. can reinforce negative feelings and self-medicate. If someone expects that every Friday night they should be out on the town with friends, but they’re alone on a couch, it may be easier to justify boredom and self-pity, followed by booze.

drinking out of boredom

It is important to remember that your brain needs time to recover from the effects of substance abuse. By connecting with others, you can find that you’re not alone in your struggles and get advice on how they cope with boredom. Getting outdoors and exploring the natural world is a great way to break away from boredom. This can cause a decrease in serotonin and dopamine levels, making it more difficult for you to find motivation or pleasure in everyday activities.

Addiction Therapy Programs

If they are not interested in pursuing them independently, get involved yourself or recruit other members of the family. It clears my head, let’s me think, presents answers to questions that would never come when I’m sat at my desk. I listen to audio books or podcasts while I’m walking, I get too restless to do that while I’m sat at home. I’m breathing fresh air, getting exercise, and a change of environment.

It’s important to remember that boredom is a normal part of recovery, and with the right coping strategies in place, you can get through it without resorting to drinking or using drugs. A small 2018 study showed that drinking water before a test meal caused participants to eat less and feel just as full. Therefore, adequate hydration may help a person stop eating when they feel bored. If a person eats in front of the TV or computer when bored, they may overeat or eat unhealthy foods.


So whether you are an absent-minded drinker or a lonely or anxious one, what can you do to prevent drinking out of boredom? Here are 5 tips to help you make changes to your drinking habits that could help you feel better, for good. By participating in addiction treatment programs, you can effectively address your boredom drinking and take the necessary steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. By becoming more involved in your community, you can effectively replace boredom drinking with meaningful connections and activities that improve your overall mental health and well-being.

drinking out of boredom

If you know you will feel lonely or down, try and plan some interactions to reduce those feelings and your reliance on alcohol. It’s very common for people, especially those with additional mental health issues like depression and anxiety, to drink out of boredom. When feeling bored, many people turn to drinking alcohol as a way to enhance their experience and provide an enjoyable sensation.

Mental Health Treatment

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively overcome boredom drinking and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Various addiction treatment programs are available for those struggling with alcohol use disorder and boredom drinking. These programs should address substance use and any underlying co-occurring mental health disorders to ensure the most successful outcome. The best approach to treatment includes access to follow-up therapy, management of skills, group or peer support, strategies to prevent relapse and prescribed medications if needed. Such a comprehensive treatment is most effective in achieving recovery. Moreover, outpatient rehab can prove to be the most efficient and practical treatment plan for individuals struggling with drinking out of boredom.

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